5 things to do Instead of Cutting PriceFind an interim solution that will buy the prospect time to gather the necessary funds.

Decrease the offering to arrive at a price that matches what the prospect can afford. In other words, offer a reduction in cost for a reduction in value.

Offer Terms for credit worthy customers or assist with finding financing options. When offering terms, consider not just adding a service charge and interest, but rather, a different price entirely for the term option, allowing you to earn even greater profit margins.

Increase the volume to lower the price. One way to do this is to explain that your costs go down with increased volume which in turn allows you to lower your prices. Ask the prospect if they can think of a way to increase the volume. The ball is now in their court.

Respectfully walk away. It signals to the buyer that the price you offered them is the best price available for your solution. If everything is right but the price, this is not necessarily the end of negotiations.