Butler’s MR-24 patented engineered roof panel clip is just one of the many superior advantages that assure superior performance and make up the Butler Difference. The function of the engineered clip is to secure the roof system to the building’s secondary structurals and allow the roof system to expand and contract with changing temperatures. Butler’s MR-24 clip allows a more advanced method of mobility to prevent stress at the panels, fasteners and splices, which could otherwise make the roof vulnerable to leaks and wind damage.

Other unique engineered advantages of the Butler MR-24 roof clip include:

  • Factory pre-punched holes for precision installation
  • Grooves in the base for additional strength
  • Concave design to allow full surface contact with purlin once fastened for ultimate stability
  • Rounded shoulders to prevent roof panels from being gouged during expansion and contraction
  • A stainless steel tab rolls directly into the Pittsburg double lock seam of the Butler roof system
  • Plastic sleeves to insure proper alignment of tab during installation insuring maximum mobility during expansion and contraction
  • Engineered triangular slide bar with engineered skew and a thin cadmium surface for optimum tab movement
  • Engineered design allows for movement at the highest point of the clip to prevent stress during expansion and contraction