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Sructodek HD

Celotex Roofing PDF Data Sheet | MSDS / Guide Specs

As an insulation board, coverboard or re-roof/recover board, Structodek® High-Density Roofing Board is the answer for low-slope applications and systems.

Celotex Structodek HD

Structodek HD is not only an integral roofing system component; it also makes roofing easier with physical properties that generate structural rigidity and dimensional stability.

The fiberboard composition of Structodek HD possesses natural bonding qualities, resulting in superior adhesion capabilities. Adhesive tightly grasps the fibers of Structodek HD without causing excess absorption, providing a solid and secure roof system which bonds very well with many asphalt, coal tar, and cold process adhesive products.

The lightweight nature of Structodek HD is better than heavier alternatives and will keep the roof load below the specified maximum weight.

Sructodek HD with PRIMED RED

Celotex Roofing PDF Data Sheet

structodek-hd-primed-red-coating-fiberboard-roof-insulation-smThe proprietary, patent pending, non-asphaltic Primed Red Coating integrated on the surface of STRUCTODEK HD possesses unique bonding characteristics that ultimately result in superior adhesion capabilities with the current membrane & adhesive technology on the market today. The non-asphaltic Primed Red Coating is compatible with all single-ply membranes including PVC, TPO, EPDM, and CSPE without concern of premature membrane degradation that is often associated with asphalt emulsion coated fiberboard products. Additionally the Primed Red Coating, unlike asphalt emulsion coated products, has proven to be compatible with traditional, low VOC and water-based adhesives as well as many foam adhesives. The Primed Red Coating allows adhesives & foams to “key” into the STRUCTODEK HD surface while at the same time deterring excessive adhesive absorption. The unique Primed Red Coating allows for a solid membrane bond while still providing optimal square foot per gallon of adhesive coverage thus insuring a quality & cost effective membrane installation.

While STRUCTODEK HD with Primed Red Coating was designed with the single-ply application in mind it contains many of the same great attributes as STRUCTODEK HD with the traditional non-asphaltic black coating. Accordingly it also works well with asphaltic based systems (BUR), coal tar, and cold-process adhesive products. Additionally, STRUCTODEK HD with Primed Red Coating has also been successful in peel-and-stick applications without the typical need for an additional primer in many instances. The rigid and strong, yet lightweight nature of STRUCTODEK HD with Primed Red Coating is better than heavier alternatives and will keep the roof load below the specified maximum weight. Structodek HD with Primed Red Coating is offered coated on 2 sides and available in 4′x4′ and 4′x8′ panels.

STRUCTODEK HD with Primed Red Coating can be used as an insulation board, cover board, or re-roof/recover board. The product is a high-density roofing board designed for low-slope single-ply, as well as traditional roof system applications.

Cant Strip & Tapered Edge 

MSDS Cant Strip / Tapered Edge MSDS Sheet  Data Sheet Cant Strip / Tapered Edge Data Sheet

Adding greater benefits to the Structodek® family of roofing products, Cant Strip and Tapered Edge are valuable options for roof systems using Structodek®.

Cant Strip / Tapered Edge

Cant Strip

Smoothes out the 90º angle created where the roof surface joins the perpendicular wall (parapet) or surface

Tapered Edge

Aids in roof drainage and slope to prevent ponding water.

Recommended for all types of roof systems.