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Good Reads for Architects, Engineers and Roof Consultants 2017-06-20T14:01:38-05:00

Division 7 Team Receives TRI Certification

The Division 7 Sales team of Danny Bryson, Jani Bryson and Tom Kelly traveled to Chicago the second week in ...
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Michael Daly Memorial Scholarship Foundation

Do you know we've given away almost $100,000 in scholarships in just 4 years? We're getting ready to do it ...
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Hot Sun and an Asphalt Shingle Roof

How do asphalt shingles compare to concrete roof tiles in the heat of the sun? When asphalt shingles are installed, ...
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Roadmap for Choosing Which Karnak Product to Use

Karnak makes a coating for just about every unique application. The good news is, no matter what the application or ...
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What You Need to Know About the Domino Effect

BUSINESS BUILDER SERIES Setting goals and strategies for reaching those goals is paramount to success. Everyone knows that, and just ...
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Help ME to Help YOU: 4 Customer Service Truths for Mega-Referrals

BUSINESS BUILDER SERIES Excellent customer service before, during and after a job is critical for long term customer satisfaction, and ...
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Benefits of an Industry Superior Metal Roof Clip

Butler's MR-24 patented engineered roof panel clip is just one of the many superior advantages that assure superior performance and ...
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How to repair leaks under water while it is raining – Karnak 155 Amphibikote Wet or Dry

Roof repairs under ponded water! Video demonstrates the simply amazing properties of Karnak 155 AF Amphibicoat, making a roof repair ...
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Roof Coating: Preventing Job Site Problems and Errors

Karnak technical bulletins assist in preventing job site problems and errors Karnak's web site is not only up to date, ...
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